Jagriti Dham - a perception changer

  • Our vision is to create an age integrated society and promote the concept of active ageing in india
  • We provide well appointed luxurious living facilities to an exclusive group of independent elders
  • With the economy booming and children moving abroad, elderly people are left behind to face the crisis of living alone everyday. Active wellness resorts like Jagriti Dham are need of the hour and both aged parents and their children should be pragmatic about it


  • Elderly people tend to be nostalgic. They seldom find somebody with whom they can share their experience and memories. And that's where Jagriti Dham fits in
  • It's a fully serviced luxurious AC living facility with wi-fi connectivity in few select areas and living areas, centralized kitchen, dining hall, 24 hrs healthcare, attached club facilities and lots of friends who have all the time to hear a story or hold a hand, when it's needed
  • And whenever somebody from the family calls, they find a cheerful voice, who happily tells them, "It's great living
    here !"

Young and independent, once again!

  • Apart from companionship, comfort and security... the elderly people also want their freedom ! At Jagriti Dham. You have the freedom to engage yourself in various activities, participate in various social programs for social and charitable causes, pursue your hobbies and can start reading those books, which you started but never had the time to finish
  • You don't have to worry about your meals; you don't need to wonder whether your maid will come or not; you can start wearing that orange shirt and blue denim... you can be sure that life will go on smoothly. You can start feeling young and independent, once again ! With Jagriti Dham, active ageing in India is here to stay !

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Jagriti Dham
Merlin Greens, IBIZA Club
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Kolkata – 743503
Phone: India No. 88200 22022
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